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#ARUinLove - Jasmine and James

Jasmine Houston and James Morse

My partner, James Morse, and I met on the induction day at ARU for our zoology and behaviour degrees.

Jasmine and James met in their first year and have now been together for four and a half years.

His house mate was on the same course as me; she introduced us, and you could say it was love at first sight. He smiled at me and I smiled back... then we were inseparable.

We tried to keep it a secret for a long time, however it was obvious to our friends. We would meet up early before lectures and go for lunch sneakily.

We always lived in separate uni accommodation, so that we could still have our own space, and stayed round each other's most nights. We have now been dating for four and half years and are living together both with full-time jobs. Being adults! Wishing we were still at uni, when life was a little simpler!


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