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How do I get to campus by car?

Parking is not available at our Cambridge and Chelmsford campus, with the exception of Blue badge holders, however some car parking is available for students at Chelmsford during weekday evenings after 4.30pm, at weekends and bank holidays.

Tip 1: Take the Park and Ride

Chelmsford Park and Ride

Chelmsford has two park and ride sites: Sandon and Chelmer Valley. The park and ride buses are frequent (every 10 min.) and both buses stop on campus (excludes some peak buses from Sandon).

Cambridge Park and Ride

Cambridge has five park and ride sites. The park and ride buses are frequent (every 10 min. during peak hours).

Tip 2: Join our car sharing scheme

Car sharing could help you save money as well as doing your bit for the environment. Our car sharing scheme has been set up with to encourage car journeys to be shared and is free for staff and students to use.

You can car share on regular journeys or even one off journeys. The more journeys you share the more you save.

When it comes to travelling, every member is responsible for their own safety. offer some useful information on their website.

Tip 3: Park safely and respectfully

Chelmsford Parking

There’re over 5,000 spaces in local car parks. Chelmsford Borough Council has more information about parking in the city. Please be minful and respectful of residential areas.

Cambridge Parking

For general parking the Queen Anne and Grafton Street multi-storey car parks are both five minutes’ walk away and there is a short-stay car park opposite our campus on Adam and Eve Street. Students, staff and visitors should not park in the residential streets around the campus.

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