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What are these surveys? As told by a student

It’s Survey Season! But why should you take part?

By student Kaleb

From Monday 5th February to Monday 30th April, you can take part in one or more of four surveys:

  • National Student Survey (NSS)
  • UK Engagement Survey (UKES)
  • Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES)
  • Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES)

To take part go to

And if you aren’t eligible (most students are eligible for at least one of the above) then you will be asked to share your student experiences with ‘Tell Us’.

The Student Surveys are all about getting your opinion.

As the university wants to encourage more students to come to ARU, it’d be silly of them not to take into account student opinion – and that’s where these come in.

Surveys are your chance to shout about all the things you’re enjoying...

Whether it’s a course you’re on, a specific module, or you just like the cosy seating in the new SU building.

Whatever it is, you need to tell ARU. It’s important to let them know what is working well, and what standards they need to be keeping up across the board.

On that note, it’s also essential to let ARU know what they need to work on.

No one knows what isn’t working well until they’re told, and this is your chance to tell them! It’s completely anonymous, so there’s no need to worry that anything you say is going to come back to bite you. And you might just find that things change because of what you say – you have the power to make a difference!

It’s also a really great chance to give back to a deserving community. For every survey completed, ARU will donate £2 to charity.

The money raised will be divided between the four following charities decided on by the Student Council:

  • Jimmy’s Cambridge
  • Southeast and Central Essex Mind
  • Peterborough and District Samaritans
  • Mind in Camden

So, why should you take part in surveys?

  • It’s a chance for you to have a say. You get to vote essentially, on what works well and will be kept, and what isn’t working so well, and will be improved on or scrapped.
  • Completing a survey means £2 will be donated to charity. You get to donate to charity without actually spending anything! These are some great causes which have earned some minutes of your time – and you’ll be changing a lot of people’s lives in the process.
  • It’s super easy! There isn’t a better reason than this one! The life of a student is busy. But when you can complete a survey in the time it takes you to have a study snack, it couldn’t be simpler!

Go ahead and take the surveys now!