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Our new brand

Our new brand has been launched to staff today, 20 May 2019. To read the email and watch the video from our Vice Chancellor, Prof Roderick Watkins, please click here.

It is being launched to the general public on Monday 17 June, and Roderick has asked that we do not share details of our new brand with anyone outside ARU until that day - as we want to maximise the impact of the external launch.

Brand roll-out schedule: May to September 2019

  • New brand shared by Vice Chancellor at CMT and Heads Away Day - Friday 3 May.
  • Brand immersion sessions for colleagues across ARU responsible for marketing, communications and producing assets e.g. signage - Wednesday 8 May and Friday 17 May.
  • Our new brand has been launched to staff today, 20 May 2019. To read the email and watch the video from our Vice Chancellor, Prof Roderick Watkins, please click here and use the password ARU to access the page.
  • Domain name of our website changing from to - Wednesday 22 May.
  • The first time our key external stakeholders see the brand - at the annual Friends & Supporters dinner, hosted by our Chancellor Lord Ashcroft KCMG, on Thursday 13 June.
  • Brand launched externally - Monday 17 June
    • External stakeholder engagement, PR, social media and new-look website.
  • For colleagues responsible for producing collateral, new assets will be available on the Digital Asset Management system (DAM) on Monday 17 June. For more information email
  • Our email addresses are changing from to - date to be confirmed.
  • New staff intranet - being launched in July, date to be confirmed.
  • The first time our potential students will see the new brand is during the main cycle campaign during August. NB: The Clearing campaign is using existing assets.
  • New and returning students will see our new brand at the start of term in September e.g. posters, info-screens and kiosks. New signage and wayfinding is going to be phased in on each campus.


Why are we having a new brand now?

Our problem was a lack of awareness against our competitor set but, more importantly, there was no clear perception of what ARU stood for as an institution and therefore what compelling reasons students / research partners / businesses had for choosing ARU.

We have therefore purposefully created a brand that stands out both in and out of the higher education sector.

Why a heron?

Our new brand will bring a punchier, clearer and more stripped-down expression of our core values and ambitions. We want to stand out from the crowd and do things differently, and the new brand allows us to do this whilst still maintaining some of our history by utilising the heron and crown from our original crest.

Our new heron is an amalgamation of the two most prominent symbols within the ARU crest, a heron and a crown. Herons are a fixture of East Anglia and an icon of the region; tying the brand to our physical location. Whilst the heron's symbolic meaning of self-actualisation, determination and focus acts as a strong signifier for our brand purpose.

Our new logo is modern, elegant and minimalist - it puts the university into a space where no other university currently sits.

With falling student numbers and internal restructuring already having taken place, is this the best use of resources?

Internal restructuring has ensured that ARU runs as efficiently as possible and the identity of ARU is extremely important in attracting new students and research collaborations. It is vital that we regularly considers our role in society, to ensure we have a clear sense of what we're doing and why we're here, and also ensure that public perception of ARU closely matches our mission.

How much time and money has been spent on this?

This branding has been carefully considered and the time and money dedicated to it has been appropriate. The budget allocated comes entirely from our commercial income not tuition fees, which are used for the education of our students. The branding has been worked on by the marketing team, which has a remit to carry out a range of marketing activity throughout the year.

Have student tuition fees been spent on this?

The budget allocated to this project comes from our commercial income, not tuition fees.

When will our students find out about the new brand?

The first time our students will see the new brand is when they return in September. We will also be sharing the new brand with our alumni when we launch it to the public on Monday 17 June.

When will brand assets e.g. stationery, publications and templates, be available for staff?

All assets will be available on the Digital Asset Management system (DAM) from Monday 17 June. If you need the brand guidelines beforehand please contact the Design team -

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