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Two days ago I was featured in the thevoicenewspaper for the second year running 🔐🔐 This newspaper especially means a lot to me as it is Britains Top Black weekly newspaper 🇬🇧 I'm a massive advocate for Apprenticeships as I started my career in Banking & Finance at the age of 17, being at one of the lowest places of my youth, I found solitude in focusing all of my efforts into my career and in turn I was awarded a scholarship for my degree and graduated in 2017 at angliaruskin university.👩🏿 🎓👩🏿 🎓 An apprenticeship opened my eyes to the a world that I never knew about and a place I never thought I could be. But when you start to understand your value, you in turn will start to see your self-worth and that you can really do anything you put your mind to!

"Digital Feminist Activism breaks politically urgent new ground as the first book-length study to examine how girls and women respond to-and challenge-rape culture in the digital era. This book is a timely feminist call-to-digital-arms, reminding us all of the powerful socio-political transformations that can come from collective feminist organizing and resistance." - Tanya Horeck, angliaruskin #books #bookish #bookstagram #bookshop #bookstore #oxford #oxforduniversitypress #oxforduniversity #universityofoxford #readUP #digitalactivism #feministactivism #metoo

This weeks #CIAT Professional Insights Event at #aruschoolofarchitecture - an evening of presentations and networking for the AT community - great to see such a good turnout and so many Alumni - two returning to speak about their career development since graduation. Many thanks to ciatechnologist ajmciat purcell.architecture hays_worldwide archbensoc angliaruskin #architecturaltechnology