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Seven things you might leave to the last minute…

Seven things you might leave to the last minute…

1. Buying presents
Panic-buying on Christmas Eve or the night before an anniversary actually works for some people. (It stops you over-analysing and lets you make more instinctive and creative choices, apparently. If you need an excuse.)

2. Filling up on petrol
It’s like playing chicken with your fuel gauge, isn’t it? Can I make it all the way home now the warning light’s winking at me? Or will I end up marooned in a lay-by with only the burger-van guy for company?

3. Checking in at the airport
The mad race to the departure gate isn’t much fun. On the plus side though, you’ll get loads of mileage out of your 'Do-you-remember-the-time-we-almost-got-stranded-in-Amsterdam?' story.

4. Doing homework
Some of us work best under pressure, and genuinely find it easier to ruminate on the Gloucester sub-plot in King Lear for two weeks before dashing off an essay the night before it’s due. And some of us are just world-class procrastinators.

5. Getting that weird noise on your car checked out
Probably best not to delay this – but you might if you’re a fan of 1920s silent comedies and want to be like Harold Lloyd.

6. Going to bed
Because, there are important shows to watch. YES we ARE still watching but thanks for asking, Netflix.

7. Getting up in the morning
A few years ago in Canada, a political party stood for the office with the slogan ‘Alarm Clocks Kill Dreams’. So true. We'll just have five more minutes... *Hits snooze*


…And ONE thing you definitely shouldn’t

Applying to university
There are some serious benefits to hitting that 15 January deadline.

You’ll have applied for your first-choice course at your first-choice university – and then you’ll be free to concentrate on the important stuff, like getting the best grades you can.

And watching You on Netflix.

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