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Art Scholars Curwen Printmaking Bursary

The Arts Scholars Curwen Printmaking Bursary

About the Bursary

This is fully funded for 2 x ARU university students to work in the Curwen Print Study Centre (CPSC), professional printmaking studio in Great Thurlow, Cambridge, to extend their existing printmaking skills, learn new techniques and further their printmaking practice.

The Bursary is for 5 days’ work in a CPSC studio during Summer 2022 (dates to be agreed with CPSC) for each of the participants, including all tuition and materials, and a 2 week exhibition in our new gallery space after the bursary period, at a time to be agreed, including a Private View.

How recipients can use the allocated studio time:

• The bursary days can be used for days working in our Open Access studio, with a CPSC tutor working solely with the 2 bursary artists to teach/assist them.

• 2022 Bursary days are to be used during July and August 2022, if the recipient chooses to attend a scheduled course this may be outside of this time.

• Alternatively, recipients can choose to attend any of our scheduled courses or Masterclasses with visiting tutors as part, or all of the 5 days. • All scheduled courses are available to view on the CPSC website and places for the recipients are subject to availability at the time of booking.

• If they choose to attend scheduled courses the course days will be deducted from the allocated 5 studio days, the balance remaining can either be used as open access studio days or to attend other scheduled courses.

• For open access studio days the 2 recipients must attend together on the same dates (to be agreed). If one recipient selects to attend more days, or all of their 5 days on courses, the other recipient may attend the applicable number of open access studio on their own.

• The 2 recipients may attend any scheduled CPSC courses together or separately. All studio dates, of any kind, must be taken prior to the agreed exhibition dates.

Bursary recipients’ selection process:

• An open call within the School of Art for all students within the school of art, at all levels and on all courses. The call will be open to applications from Thursday 28th April to Friday 20th May. 

• Students will apply online to: and will be required to submit:

    - An Artist’s Statement, outlining their overall approach to their practice (no more than 200 words. For guidance see

    - a 300 word project/work proposal, detailing how they would use the bursary, either outlining a particular print project they would like to pursue, and/ or including what print resources they would want to use and why.

    - submit 5 x images of their print-based artwork

Applicants will be notified of the decision by the selection panel 2 weeks after the closing date, by the 1st of June.

History of the bursary

Curwen Print Study Centre (CPSC) and Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) have forged links for some time and would like to further strengthen these links and the continued inclusion of printmaking within the Cambridge School of Art as part of the University by offering this funded opportunity to BA & MA students from the Cambridge School of Art within Anglia Ruskin University. History of CPSC Curwen Print Study Centre is a unique Fine Art Printmaking & Educational Charity established in the 1990s. Our mission is to preserve, foster and develop the essential experience and skills that underpin the concept of the artist’s original print, in all forms, teaching traditional printmaking methods to ensure that hand crafted printmaking skills are not lost in the digital age, whilst keeping abreast of, and working alongside, environmental and digital technology growth and developments. The Curwen history dates back to 1863, and the Study Centre owns an important print & document archive dating from the early 20th century to the present day.

Our inclusive course programme is for artists and students from 8 years old, with approximately 1,600 people annually attending courses or Open Access studio days. Our Outreach programme takes portable presses and printmaking materials out into the wider community, to schools, community groups, and those unable to reach the studio, such as dementia support groups and young carers. Tutors are artist printmakers with their own practices, skilled in different areas of printmaking. Visiting tutors offer masterclasses in specialist techniques. 3

Our recent studio relocation to Great Thurlow in Suffolk, in Spring 2022 includes much needed expansion which has enabled us to increase our activity, impact and accessibility, adding:

- a second Print studio allowing Artists opportunity to work independently - an increased teaching programme in the main studio

- a gallery space, with room to exhibit and allow for artist personal development and promotion - a gallery space with room to display and allow access to the Curwen Archive of prints and documents, which is a unique collection of prints, documentation and correspondence by leading 20th Century artists, documenting UK Fine Art printmaking history since the 1960s.

Additional information

• The Bursary will be named for the sponsor – The Arts Scholars Curwen Printmaking Bursary

• This name will be used for all publicity and promotional material on websites, social media accounts, and newsletters and communications to mailing lists.

• This will incorporate the entirety of the bursary progress from selection and award, regular updates during the time in the studio, and promoting the exhibition of the resulting work in our gallery space.

• At all points it will include the name of the funding sponsor.

• Representatives of the funder will be invited to the Private View of the exhibition.