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Call Out for Photographers

Are You Confident and Friendly?

Ede & Ravenscroft currently have a number of opportunities for confident and friendly photographers across the UK, and are able to offer competitive rates of pay together with the opportunity for a very busy schedule in July, November and December. The rates of pay we offer are dependent upon the equipment photographers are able to provide. Newly qualified photographers, who might not have extensive equipment, are offered additional support with the option of purchasing the minimum equipment required in instalments at preferential rates.

We Offer:

· Competitive rates of pay

· Mileage

· Hotels paid for as necessary

· Food allowance if staying overnight

· Help purchasing equipment

· Lots of work opportunities in July, November and December together with the possibility of other jobs throughout the year

We will provide: Studio backdrops, additional lights, Laptop, Tie \ Scarf , Training

We Want:

· Confident Friendly photographers

To get our maximum day rate you will need:

1) White Shirt

2) Grey trousers \ skirt

3) 2 x Canon or Nikon DSLR with a minimum 18mp sensor.

4) 24-70mm F/2.8 lens or similar( 24-105mm F/4 for example) plus backup (could be a 50mm F/1.8 - or any “portrait” lens)

5) 2 x High quality 500W studio flash heads with spill kits

6) Suitable trigger and at least 3 receivers.

7) 3.5mm-1/4" adaptor x 3

8) 2 light stands. (2m)

9) 2 x 42"(approx.) white reflected brollies with black backing

10) 2 x smaller brollies for low ceilings

11) Sturdy Tripod (ideally with a grip head ) – ideally a 2nd tripod as a back up

12) 2 posing stools or tubs in black


Matt Saunders

Photography Projects Manager