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Cambridge Junction Industry Evening

Workshop Choices

Theatre making with Luca Rutherford

Join writer, performer and dramaturg Luca Rutherford in a relaxed and playful session on Making, Moving and Staying Inspired. Luca makes her own work. This involves a lot of creative writing as well as admin, spoken performance as well as dance. In an hour you will be guided through the principal processes Luca has used in her seven years working as a freelance artist. There will also be time at the end of the session for you to ask any questions. Ultimately this is a session about taking the pressure off and giving yourself permission.

Sound Engineering

Learn how to mic an instrument using the correct equipment and using the venues professional sound desk, mix the sound from that instrument ensuring a good audio mix. The workshop will take place in J1, Cambridge Junction’s main music venue and club environment.

Lighting Design

Explore how to rig, focus, and operate lights using the venues professional lighting desk console. In addition, you will look at the use of intelligent lighting (movers) and how lighting for theatre differs from that of live music gigs. The workshop will take place in J3, Cambridge junction’s rehearsal, theatre, and dance space.