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Exhibition call out for PGRs at ARU

Uncovered: How do you do Research Through Art?

Exhibition call out for PGRs at ARU

Cambridge School of Art PGR’s Mary Jane Montgomerie-House, Giuseppina Santoro, April Virgoe, Amanda Lavis and Rebecca Hearle have recognised a need for PGR’s to have the opportunity to exhibit their work within the University. To facilitate that need, with support from Senior Research Fellow in Art Elena Cologni they are organising an exhibition in the Ruskin Gallery for April 2022.

Uncovered will be part of Cambridge Festival and the exhibition will seek to show visitors how artists research through and with art. This call out is open to all postgraduate researchers within Anglia Ruskin University whose project include creative approaches.

What does showing artworks in the context of your research look like? The aim of the exhibition is to show work in the context of its research journey; this means that exhibited pieces may take different forms. You might wish to show a finished piece of work with an accompanying exegesis, a manifestation of ideas in progress, a diagram that explores your methodology, a film of your working practice.

Accompanying the exhibition will be a series of events for PGRs. The opening afternoon will feature a colloquia – this is a tour of the exhibition where the participating artist will stand with their work and give a short and informal talk about their research and exhibited work. There will also be a workshop – the Brick Workshop which aims for PGRs to visualise their research on a simple brick form with a view to making an interactive piece for display in the University. There will also be a symposium for exhibiting artists, details to follow.

Key dates

Call out response deadline: Monday 17th January

Exhibition dates 2-9 April 2022

Opening (PV) and colloquia: 2 April, 2:30/3:30 pm

Uncovered: the brick workshop, 4 April, 2/4 pm

Uncovered: symposium, 9 April, 2:30/4:30 pm

To register your interest in taking part in the exhibition please provide the following information. This information will aid the curators in organising the gallery space and be used for any print and publicity about the exhibition.

Please send your responses to

  1. Please provide a synopsis of your research in up to 300-words.
  2. In a maximum of 300 words please describe the piece of work you wish to display in the exhibition and explain how it fits into the context of your research.
  3. Please list any requirements for display in the exhibition, including the estimated space required (wall space/floor space) and any equipment that you will need, such as overhead projectors, plasma screen. HD screens, plinths, etc. Please also describe any special routines your work may require: a power supply, turning on and off.
  4. Please include a low-res image (300ppi) of your work, or if you intend to show new work, include an image of a previous piece.