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Facebook post by Anglia Ruskin University

Listen to Pink Lemonade on Cambridge 105 Radio's 8 out of 10 tracks! The trio get described by Mike Wright as "The start of a wave of talent coming out of ARU!" Meanwhile, Claire Wright says she wants to dance to 'Space Girl'. Listen to the track again below (skip to 1hr10). Well done to all of our talented students and the brilliant work they've produced in 2018. Christmas Number One next year, girls? #ARUProud
8 out of 10 tracks - 19th Nov 2018

New music reviews with Chris Duerden, Claire Nichols, Mike Wright, Ellie Clarke and Ian Perry. This week's winner - Fontaines DC. Honourable mentions - Exploder, Anna Hester, Pink Lemonade, Wave Pictures, Jeremy Tuplin.