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Facebook post by Anglia Ruskin University

Here's another #ARUinlove tale involving Louise and James, who also met while studying the same course at Anglia Ruskin: “We met because we were on the same course for similar reasons; we share a similar taste in literature and we both wanted to broaden our knowledge of it through study. I can't remember who approached who but I remember my first conversation with Louise being after our introductory lecture, I remember thinking that she was very pretty and we had a lot in common but I didn't stand a chance. Two academic years later we had gotten to know each other through being in seminars together and discussing the reading after lectures and online. Louise asked me if I wanted to go for a drink with her in the summer between second and third year and we immediately hit it off, and we've been together ever since. Her support made a very difficult third year a lot more bearable for me and I did what I could to support her academically as well. “