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Facebook post by Anglia Ruskin University

#OurPeople are deeply involved in researching and creating solutions for people experiencing mental health issues: Dave Hawkes is Senior Lecturer for Mental Health. A practitioner with expertise in Phenomenological Research and Qualitative Research Methodologies, Dave has worked extensively using systemic family therapy as part of family therapy teams and has specialised in Solution Focused Brief Therapy. As part of this, he leads clinical groups in practice areas with people with drug and alcohol addictions, people who hear voices, anxiety and depression and learning disabilities. He is currently delivering Family Interventions Training in an income generating project throughout the UK, and along with his colleague David Hingley has developed the “VERA” approach to confused communication which won the Innovation and Exchange project team award 2015. Want to know more?
Dave Hawkes - Anglia Ruskin University

David Hawkes is a senior lecturer in Mental Health for the Department Of Adult and Mental Health Nursing.