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#OurPeople are dedicated to sociological studies and better understanding identities, class, celebrity culture and social media: Dr Daniel Smith is Lecturer in Sociology at ARU. Dr Smith’s research interests, whilst diverse, are unified by a common sociological theme: how are social and cultural identities made and re-made in old and new forms? In his study of ‘white, upper-middle class’ elites he explores how the lifestyle of the Jack Wills brand re-institutionalises a world of “gentry” ease, privilege and classic ‘British-ness’ in a society where new political and economic arrangements have eroded the foundations of a former ‘gentry’ class and culture in Britain. To find out more about Dr Smith:
Dr Daniel Smith - Anglia Ruskin University

Daniel is a Lecturer in Sociology at Anglia Ruskin. His research interests include elite identities and Britishness, as well as popular culture, celebrity and new social media.