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Facebook post by Anglia Ruskin University

Did you know that the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is used to assess language ability and is usually required for study or work in the UK (as well as some other English speaking countries) and for entry or visa purposes? If you’re thinking of taking an IELTS test then our IELTS preparation course has been designed to ensure you know what to expect in the IELTS examination (Academic or General) and you have the best chance of achieving your optimum IELTS score. This course is held at our Cambridge Campus. It is a part-time course that runs in the evening for three hours per week. You can attend either a six or four week course depending on your level. To find out more, please visit:
IELTS Preparation Course - Anglia Ruskin University

Our IELTS Preparation Course provides an excellent opportunity to prepare yourself, if you are considering taking an IELTS exam.