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Midwifery is a calling for Sophie and all the other midwives who study with ARU and today, in celebration of midwives everywhere, we encourage you to share this, her chosen poem; “The Calling” by Maria Rowntree: Being a candle, the light that offers to guide Someone who helps her find strength from inside There may be times when our flame will be dim But that’s when we look for the glow from within Every role in life has its up and its downs Some days bring a smile when others a frown But never forget what you came here to do Listening to your heart will help you stay true Becoming a midwife feels like a gift I think of this when my soul needs a lift A dream coming true and it’s worth the struggle Even when time with work and family I juggle The goal in the distance is almost in sight Knowing of all choices, this one was right My heart belongs to this profession I know I’m feeling the passion and letting it grow Being a student and learning the trade Requires facing fears and becoming brave Belief in yourself must come from within Understanding qualities you’re able to bring The pride in the strength each woman possesses The love in her face as her child she caresses The journey she made to destination mother She did it with support of another Rowntree, M., (May 2012), Midwives Journal To read Sophie's blog visit
Sophie S: Midwifery....My Calling

Wow... I can honestly say I am so relieved July is nearly over! I have just had my last exam, handed in my last piece of work and it feels like such a big achievement! This year has gone so quickly...