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Facebook post by Anglia Ruskin University

#ARUXmas: Day 23 - Christmas Eve Eve! 🇱🇻 Christmas in Latvia sounds like a winter wonderland! ❄️ Elina and her family choose the perfect tree from the forest 🎄 Before receiving gifts, it's tradition for everyone in the family to recite a different poem. Elina's poem in Latvian 🦔🐇 Zaķēns mežā ezi sauc: -Kur gan palicis mans draugs? Sniegi snieg un puteņo! Kā lai tagad atrod to?- Vāverīte kokā smej: -Velti draugu meklēt ej Kamēr sals un kamēr sniegs, Ezim mežā ziemas miegs _____ In the forest, the rabbit calls for the hedgehog ‘Where is my friend?’ The snow falls and falls ‘How will you find him now?’ the squirrel in the tree laughs, ‘Look for your friend in vain! While there’s frost and snow on the ground, the hedgehog will be hibernating all winter long.’