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Holly Trundle's Festive Competition Entry

I would like to enter the Festive 10 words story competition with a little tale of when I travelled with my two young sons to South Africa to visit their Grandparents for Christmas. My boys were worried that Father Christmas wouldn't know where to find them because we would be travelling at Christmas.

We left England on Christmas Eve and, after a long, long day and night, with a lengthy wait at a Spanish airport, where my Lads were so well behaved, Christmas morning arrived, with us still in the air, en route to Johannesburg. The cabin crew were wearing Santa hats and smiling when my boys woke up to find that Santa and his trusty reindeer had visited while they were curled up on their seats ...

Two small boys flew South:

Santa's reindeer found their 'plane.

... Incidentally, Christmas presents are given on Boxing Day in South Africa, so Santa visited them again!

Attached is a rather old and blurry photo of my sons in Festive mood. They are now in their mid-twenties and successfully working after graduating from Uni. It was their encouragement that has resulted in me being at ARU now, in my Foundation Year, approaching Christmas.

Happy, healthy and safe Christmas, everyone.

All the best,

Holly T.