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Inspired by Diane - Holly Trundle

'Inspired by Diane'

Bemoaning my chemotherapy, I respected my friend's determination. We survived.

... Seventeen years later, my friend Diane and I still enjoy our swimming, coffee, cake and chatter get-togethers - something that seemed beyond hope when I received my breast cancer diagnosis, just after my 38th birthday, with my sons aged 8 and 10. When I was feeling pummelled by the side-effects of my chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, my friend Diane's stalwart determination not to be beaten by her crippling scoliosis-driven back pain was a source of humbling inspiration. My discomfort was transitory, whereas Diane still battles through agony every day, while baking delectable cakes for friends and family, and maintaining her 4 acres small-holding, complete with fruit, veg, ponies, chickens, dogs, uninvited mole guests and a LOT of grass to mow. Until recently, she has produced delicious Teas for our village Cricket Team every week too - an amazing woman, worthy of public acclamation!