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My name is Eesha Rangani and I’m a graduate from the class of 2020, I graduated with a first in Marine Biology from ARU. I absolutely loved my time at ARU, especially because of the faculty and the people surrounding me. When I first came to ARU as an international student I was extremely nervous and hesitant but everything ARU had to offer helped me adapt in an instant. A very special experience that I had during my time at ARU was on our field trip to Devon: we were given work like real world researchers on this trip and it was absolutely amazing! I’m going to be starting a masters soon in marine biology and my career plan is to be an astrobiologist and explore the possibility of life on other planets. I’m going to be focusing my research on extremophiles and hydrothermal vents in order to find a correlation between our oceans and other ocean worlds. I’m grateful to ARU to helping me grown into who I am today. #ARUProud #AngliaRuskin #GoingToARU #MarineBiology #WhereARU #InternationalDayOfWomenAndGirlsInScience #WomenInScience

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