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Friends made at university are often friends for life 🎓 "On a cold and rainy day in November, I flew to Cambridge and I was welcomed to ARU by the lovely Emma! She was already a student and she gave me an honest insight in what studying at ARU looked like. I was so impressed and we seemed to get on very well. My anxieties were quashed. I enrolled in the Business with HR course and, during my Freshers' Week in January 2018, I was given Emma as my Student Buddy. I cannot imagine my university experience without Emma, and thinking that she is now graduating makes me feel proud of her achievements and resilience – but also sad. It means I must say goodbye to my usual afternoon espresso with Emma drinking her raspberry lemonade during our study breaks in Costa at university". - Alessia, ( @ale_mevoli ) BSc (Hons) Business with Human Resource Management #unilife #ARUProud #ARUTogether #GoingtoARU #ARU #AngliaRuskin #POTD #studentmemories #throwbackthursday

angliaruskin (@angliaruskin) posted on Instagram