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Instagram shot by angliaruskin

‘I can’t stress this enough... if you need someone to talk to, go to your PDP Tutors or a lecturer you feel comfortable with. Today I spoke to one of my favourite lecturers about how I was feeling/coping right now- not even just with the work but in general. The time and effort she has put in to reassure me and speak to me after one of the online lectures means so much. Even just to have someone to chat to, even if you dont discuss your issues, me and my lecturer had a general discussion and she ended up making me smile and laugh during the conversation. Lecturers really are the best people, they really do care and want you to be happy and do well. Regardless of if they’re your PDP Tutor or not, they stand up when you need them: not just in times like these, but always. I’m so glad that I have been blessed with the lecturers and PDP I do have. They’re like my Uni mums🥺 I appreciate these people so so so so much🤍” - @csi_student #ARUProud #MentalWellbeing #ARUCambridge #ARUTogether #GoingToARU #UniversityLife #AngliaRuskinUniversity

ARU (@angliaruskin) posted on Instagram