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Instagram shot by angliaruskin

Anna, a BSc (Hons) Midwifery student at ARU, shares her #studytips for staying productive 💪 1. Find a routine. 2. Get important tasks done in the morning: Don’t wait till after lunch (…guilty!). 3. Get a good night’s sleep. 4. Have a short to-do list. 5. Focus: When it comes to University work, try and focus on one assignment or revision as you can get yourself in a muddle. Perhaps schedule the morning to work on an essay and revision in the afternoon. 6. Have breaks and take regular exercise, little and often: Come back to things with a fresh mind can really help. 7. Reward yourself for completing tasks: This can be with a short break or little activities. Or even something sweet (chocolate!). 8. Reach out: Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re struggling. ARU has fantastic study support skills sessions and student services to help guide and support you. Your friends in your cohort can also support you and give motivation as they may be feeling the same. Don’t forget to reach out to each other. #ARUTogether #ARU #Productivity #AngliaRuskin #POTD

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