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"I applied at ARU soon after seeing the list of modules and the wonderful campus location in Chelmsford. As an international student from Finland, I was keen to move to a city or town that wasn’t too big and had a lot of greenery and walking paths. Chelmsford campus, being right next to a little river with the 'bunny paths' that connect the whole city, was perfect for me. I could comfortably be myself in this little city. Nowadays, having completed the first two years of my studies and starting my third and final year, I have learned that regardless of what you decide to study, the University years are amazing personal growth opportunities. My parents were right to encourage me. Regardless of where I choose to work in the future, I have certainly gained experiences and friends for life here at ARU." -Sara, BSc Banking and Finance at ARU. Read Sara's full blog, where she talks about how and why she chose her degree subject: #ARUProud #ARUChelmsford #BankingAndFinance #GoingToARU

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