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Instagram shot by angliaruskin

"Wow, my time at ARU is coming to an end, and what unforgettable experience it has been. I have experienced one of the most challenging years of my life, working full-time and studying full-time during a global pandemic. Despite the odds against me, I did it anyway. I SMASHED IT. MA in Human Resources Management & CIPD LEVEL 7 qualification 👩 🎓👩 🎓👩 🎓👩 🎓👩 🎓👩 🎓 I can only hope we get to graduate this summer (if it is safe to do so) and I am so proud of my journey. Not only to be graduating from a masters degree but to be selected for a Vice Chancellor Leadership Award on top of my degree 🎓 is insane. I am sending all the virtual positive vibes to all my friends and family for their support, including Susie, my dog 🐶. To those of you that have hidden underlined health conditions and a disability. YOU GOT THIS; WE CAN DO THIS WE ARE WORTHY. 🙋 ♀️🙋 ♀️🙋 ♀️" - @thisismaryj_ #ARUProud #AngliaRuskinUniversity #CFS #ClassOf2021 #MondayMotivation #HumanResourcesManagement

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