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Our School of Medicine! In case you didn't know, here are some quick facts about our School of Medicine on our Chelmsford campus: 1. Our School of Medicine is Essex’s FIRST and only School of Medicine. 2. It collaborates with - five NHS hospitals - a large mental health trust - over 60 GP surgeries 3. We're the only medical school in England using Thiel embalmed cadavers which preserve a 'life-like' appearance in comparison to formaldehyde. 4. Construction began in May 2017, and the new £20 million school opened its doors in September 2018. 5. Our anatomy lab features: - a large dissection room with ceiling-mounted computer screens, - embalming facilities, - radiology software, - an innovative virtual dissector, - 3D printed models from CT scans, - ultrasound machines. #ARUMedicine #schoolofmedicine #medicalstudents #essexdoctors #doctorsofthefuture #medicalschool #ARUProud #angliaruskin #angliaruskinuniversity #aruchelmsford #chelmsford

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