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Instagram shot by angliaruskin

'The Eagle' is a very famous pub in Cambridge. Apart from the main bar, it has a beer garden and the so-called 'RAF bar', at the rear, with graffiti of World War II airmen covering the ceiling and walls. 'The Eagle' is very important to Cambridge, because it was the place where scientists first announced they had discovered the structure of DNA! In February 1953, a jubilant Francis Crick walked into The Eagle in Cambridge and proclaimed he and James Watson had "found the secret of life". It's commemorated on a blue plaque next to the entrance, and two plaques in the middle room by the table where Crick and Watson lunched regularly. Today the pub serves a special ale to commemorate the discovery, dubbed "Eagle's DNA". #theeagle #theeaglepub #theeaglepubcambridge #watsonandcrick #eaglesdna #cambridge #realale

angliaruskin (@angliaruskin) posted on Instagram