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Instagram shot by gimmee_sum_mo

In the past year (and then some) I have had some of the greatest experiences. Firstly, I got to keep playing competitive volleyball. I was captain of the university team as well as voted MVP for the National League Team in Cambridge. I met some incredible men and women through this sport. I will find a way to go back and be able to stay and play volleyball in the UK, as I can keep playing for as long as I like. ARU won the Trophy Cup, Midlands Conference Champions and promotion. The NVL team earned a promotion to Superleague. I was shortlisted for Female Athlete of the Year, as well as, represented the university as Challenge Cup Co-Captain and won Sports Colours. ... I earned a Master's Degree in Sport and Exercise Science by researching volleyball. On top of earning this great accomplishment in one year, I was the Course Representative for my MSc Course, and earned a Silver Volunteer Certificate for my hours coaching the Women’s B team, the intramural volleyball club and volunteering around the community and for the university. I am also a certified Sports Massage Therapist. ... I was able to find a love and passion for traveling and culture. I was able to go to a few places: Switzerland, Romania, Ireland, Scotland, Spain and have made it a goal to see so many more. I would like to fill my passport before it expires. I have made a new goal to learn a language every year. This year I will focus on French. ... After returning home a little lost after being deported, I was able to find two rewarding opportunities. First, I am a Volleyball Coach for a club owned by a coach who I look up to in so many ways. Next, I am a boxing coach. Nothing could ever come as close to my love for volleyball, but I am so excited for this new experience. ...I was able to lose 35 pounds, gotten my migraines under control and got myself to a place physically and mentally that I am content. I have learned so much about my weaknesses, but also my strengths and feel that I have become a whole person through the experiences I have had.

gimmee_sum_mo (@gimmee_sum_mo) posted on Instagram