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Ironically I spoke about nurse perceptions yesterday and then came across this later✨ To summarise the study which was conducted by angliaruskin university concluded that three out of five respondents, would not consider joining the profession. I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed with such a result, but with all the negativity surrounding the profession at the moment I’m not surprised✨ The respondent answers are really interesting, factors such as not being able to deal with bodily fluids and illness scored as a high deterrent. What really struck me however were the qualities that people felt were needed for the profession. Qualities like leadership and innovation were underused which again brings me back to the point of not being viewed as professionals, and how outdated views of nursing still exists✨ The article highlights the importance of nurses changing how we speak of our profession, knowledge and expertise by using “affirmative language” to assist with understanding the complexities of nursing care. I actually think this is so important especially when trying to get others to rally round and support nurse related campaigns. How can people support a profession they don’t truly understand? #nursechat #nurselife #nurse #nurseblogger #uknurseblogger #nursingdegree #peadsnurse #nursingcommunity #nursingstudent #studentnurselife #studentnurse #adultnurse #nurse #nhsnurse #mentalhealthnurse

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