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Language Society and Language Exchange Anglia Language Programme

This year we would really like to start a Language Society and a Language Exchange that would be open to students and staff alike in ARU – all you need is a love of languages.

Language Society – this would have to be done through the Student Union so it needs to be initiated by a student or a group of students. Once it is in place we can support the activities. If you are interested in doing this please get in touch with me – ideally if there is a small group of you then you can work together on this.

Language Exchange – if you are interested in doing a language conversation exchange i.e. 30 minutes conversation in your native language and 30 minutes in your target language then please get in touch with me and I will do my best to pair you up. This could be any language you have to offer or want to learn.

Please spread the word about this – it’s not just limited to those on the language modules.

Gracias Merci Arigatōgozaimashita Danke schön 謝謝你 Grazie Obrigada Efcharistó