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National Student Survey (NSS) Launch

Today sees the launch of the National Student Survey (NSS) in universities all across the country for all students in the final year of your undergraduate degree studies (usually a BA or BSc). All eligible students will get an email from Ipsos Mori, the national firm contracted by the government to lead the survey, giving details about the survey. Our university, faculty and Students’ Union will also campaign to encourage as many responses as possible.

The NSS enables students in their final year of study to provide feedback on your experience of your institution and course. The survey asks you to consider 27 core questions in eight different areas:

  • The teaching on your course;
  • Your learning opportunities;
  • Your experience of assessment and feedback;
  • The academic support you’ve received;
  • The organisation and management of your course;
  • The learning resources available on your course and at ARU;
  • Your experience of our learning community of students and staff; and
  • The opportunities to share your student voice.

The NSS concludes by asking you to judge your overall satisfaction with your course and, if you wish, to provide written comments on your overall experience.

You can see that the NSS is quite comprehensive! That’s because we use the results of the survey to improve the experience of future students at both the university and course level. They really do make a difference! The survey also provides relevant data to prospective students and their parents when they come to make decisions on what and where to study.

Two final notes: your responses are fully anonymous. Even better, each response will generate a £2.00 donation to charities selected by our Student’s Union.

Most students in their final year of studies will get an NSS presentation delivered by your course leader or module leader in the next few weeks. Please also keep an eye on the MyAnglia webpages and our ARU App for additional information.

If you are eligible for the NSS (look out for the email from Ipsos Mori), I do hope you find the time to give us your considered comments.

Thanks—and best wishes for your final trimester!

Dr Apurba Kundu

Deputy Dean (Education)