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Childhood obesity is a significant public health issue and #OurPeople are dedicated to researching ways of communicating with parents and developing interventions for health professionals. With a background in nursing and public health, Professor Sarah Redsell has developed a programme of research exploring ways of communicating with parents of infants around risk and prevention of childhood overweight and obesity. She has been Principal Investigator for several externally funded research projects, leading a multidisciplinary team comprising academics and clinicians working for the UK NHS. Professor Redsell is currently leading the Proactive Assessment of Obesity Risk during Infancy study (ProAsk) which has been funded by the UK Medical Research Council to develop a programme for health visitors to use with parents of infants to identify childhood obesity risk. Want to know more?
Professor Sarah Redsell - Anglia Ruskin University

Sarah Redsell's research primarily focuses on communication about aspects of health and well-being with parents of infants and children.