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Student Art Pass Experience by Jack Rutherford

Photo Credits and Descriptions of images for visually impaired here

Student Art Pass, 2021: Jack Rutherford

  • Picture of a student art pass on a table in a coffee shop. In the background is a wall mural of a human wearing a suit with a CCTV camera instead of a head- similar to a work by Banksy.

Big Bang Fountain, 2014: Iwan Baan

  • Photo of Big Bang Fountain a piece of art by Olafur Eliasson. A twisting tower of water illuminated by a strobe light.

Horniman Museum, 2021: Horniman Museum and Gardens

  • A photo of the Horniman Museum showcasing the light stone of the rear tower and balconies that offer views over London. The tropical plants of the garden are growing at the foot of the building.

Storm Fox, 2021: Jonny Armstrong

  • A red fox searching the shallows of a lake for salmon. Storm clouds hand menacingly above with a hill illuminated by the cameras flash lurks in the background.


Jack Rutherford
PhD Student