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The Election 2022

Nominations for The Election 2022 are now open!

Do you want to make a change on campus? Are you passionate about how your faculty is represented? Or do you want to make sure that underrepresented groups’ voices are heard? Then you should stand for the Executive Committee for 2022!

What is the Executive Committee?

The Exec is made up of our elected officers (The President and 5 Vice-Presidents); Faculty Representatives, and Campaign Representatives. The officers are paid opportunities where you take a year out from study to represent the student body! Our representative roles are done voluntarily, part-time, alongside studying.

What does the Executive Committee do?

As a member of the Exec, it’s your job to represent students from all across ARU. You get to regularly meet with upper-faculty staff to discuss issues students are facing; be involved in decision making on things such as the implementation of new courses, and run campaigns/host events on campus to promote awareness and togetherness at ARU! Our current President, Cavya Antony, has written a few words on why getting involved with the Exec is so important and rewarding:

“Our SU is a representation of student voices, with elections happening in a cyclical manner every year which gives an opportunity for students to represent the entire student body. It allows you to be the voice of the students and learn a lot of skills that by end of your term adds to your CV! As the SU President this year, my experience working with the Students’ Union has been the best experience of my academic life! If you want to find out more about my role or the wider executive committee positions, do send me a message through social media or email and I will always be happy to help.” – Cavya Antony, SU President 2021-22

Who can apply for these roles?

Any student at ARU can nominate themselves to stand as President of the Union! Even if you’re due to graduate this academic year! Our Vice-Presidents are Faculty based, so candidates coming from those Faculties will be best equipped for the role, however, anyone can apply. Our Faculty Rep roles have to be filled specifically by students from their faculty (e.g. AHSS students can only stand as AHSS rep.) Campaigns Reps have to self-identity into the communities they represent in order to stand (e.g. if you want to be the LGBT+ rep, you have to self-identify as LGBT+.) Officer roles are cross-campus so it doesn’t matter where you study, however, Faculty & Campaign Rep roles are campus-based (e.g. if you study in Cambridge, you can only stand as a Cambridge rep.)

What if I don’t want to apply, but know someone who’d make a great Exec member?

You can recommend them! Our Recommend a Friend function on the SU website allows you to anonymously recommend that someone should stand for election. Simply head over to to let us know, and we’ll contact them! If this person is great in class, cares about wider issues, or spends their free time volunteering we’d love to hear about them!

I don’t know anything about campaigning!

Don’t worry! Throughout the election you’ll have dedicated training sessions from professionals, to teach you how to campaign and how to effectively brand it too! You’ll also get introductory 1:1’s with the Union’s Campaign Coordinators to fill you in on the roles in more detail. And if you are elected, you’ll have access to these same Coordinators when planning your future campaigns!

I’m interested but I’d like to know a bit more about the role…

That’s great! We have a whole page of FAQs on the SU website at if you want to hear more, the Union will provide you with a 1:1 with a relevant staff member to talk to you about the role you’re interested in!

You can also reach out to our dedicated Democracy & Campaigns Coordinator, Fraser Luther-Yarwood,, to find out more or ask any questions!

Jo Bunkle