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The Labour History Research Unit at Anglia Ruskin University Event

The Rt. Hon Charles Clarke (former Labour Home Secretary)

Labour in the 1990s: The path to the 1997 election

Wed 30 March 2022


Lecture Theatre Sci 105, Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge Campus)

There will short talks about the transition from Kinnock to Blair from Nathan Yeowell, Rohan McWilliam and Jonathan Davis in the Labour History Research Unit followed by Charles Clarke talking about what lessons can be learned from that period in assisting Labour today.

Did Labour abandon too much of its traditional agenda in the mid-1990s? What was the contribution of Neil Kinnock and John Smith to the development of New Labour? How did Labour reflect the global trajectory of the left after 1989? We are about to get a wave of discussions about the meaning of the 1997 election 25 years on. It would be good to use this event to kick this discussion off.

This event also promotes the new book edited by Nathan Yeowell: Rethinking Labour's Past (I.B. Tauris). The volume includes articles by a number of members of the Labour History Research Unit. It uses Labour's history as a way of trying to shape arguments within the party today as it prepares its campaign for the next election. We offer new ways of thinking about Labour and its mission.