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Fire Safety

It only takes a small mistake for a fire to start in your home, and the consequences can be devastating.

Keep yourself safe in your home by testing your smoke alarms regularly. You’re more than seven times more likely to die in a fire in your home if there are no working smoke alarms. Unattended candles and cigarettes can start fires quickly – it only takes a small mistake.

If you live in privately rented accommodation, your landlord has certain safety obligations under the law, including making sure all gas and electric appliances are safe and in good working order.

It’s the responsibility of your landlord to supply at least one smoke alarm on every level on your home used as living accommodation, but you have a responsibility to check the alarms on a regular basis.

Don’t overload electrical sockets, and never leave cooking unattended on your hob or grill. Never put anything metal in your microwave, as this will cause a fire within seconds, and check you don’t leave your cooker or hob on after you’ve finished cooking.

Your landlord must also ensure a carbon monoxide alarm is present in all rooms that contain a solid fuel burning appliance, and are used as living accommodation. Both this and all smoke alarms must be tested on the first day of the tenancy.

If you are worried your landlord isn’t doing enough to ensure your safety contact the environmental health officer at your local council for advice.