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Happy Chinese New Year! These lions are always so cheeky and causing a riot on campus! 🦁 πŸ‰ It’s the Year of the Rat! πŸ€ Similar to astrology, the zodiacal Rat is laden with multiple layers of symbolism. Associated with the hour before and after midnight, the rat typically represents new beginnings. They are powerful symbols of fertility, wealth and plenty, so people born in the Year of the Rat are considered to be optimistic, easy-going and kind, if a bit direct. (According to Newsweek!) #aruproud #angliaruskin #angliaruskinuniversity #aruchelmsford #chelmsford #chinesenewyear2020🐭 #chinesenewyear2020 #yearoftherat #chineselions #dancinglions

A lovely, crisp morning in Cambridge. πŸš£β˜€οΈβ„οΈπŸš΄ What's everyone up to this weekend? Did you know? One in four Cambridge city residents cycle to work - the highest level of cycling in the country! According to Cambridge News, "Cambridge itself boasts more than 80 miles of cycle lanes, and there are dozens of other routes linking the city with surrounding towns and villages. The main railway station's bike park, CyclePoint, has room for nearly 3,000 cycles, and soon after it opened in 2016 it won the top honour in the National Cycle-Rail Awards." #FridayFeeling #angliaruskin #angliaruskinuniversity #arucambridge #cambridge #cambridgeshire #cambridgeinwinter #winteryscenes #embracingtheseasons #cambridgecycle #cambridgewalk #fridayfeels #almosttheweekend! #rivercam #puntingincambs #puntingincambridge #cyclingincambridge #bicycles

"I expected to get a good job once I was done with ARU but I not only got that, I also got a perfect life partner." ❀️ If your love story began at ARU, we want to share it for Valentine's Day as part of #ARUinLove 2020! To get involved, send your story and a photo or two to! ❀️ This is Tuaha and Mavin's Story ❀️ "I (Tuaha) met my wife at ARU just after returning from my study abroad semester in America. ARU was having a Global week festival so I was dancing in it to show my Pakistani culture with a few of my friends. From the lady who was organising this event I heard that another group of people was interested in dancing on that event and they need dancers so I thought of meeting them. We organised a meet up and in that meet up at Helmore cafe was my wife to be. We met each other and became really good friends from day one. One year fast forward after we became best friends, I asked her out after I fell in love with her and she said yes. Since then we have travelled the world together, got married and are about to buy a house to start our own family soon. I even make YouTube videos for my YouTube channel which is called "Tuaha Sultan" about our experiences while travelling the world. Never in my wildest dream could I have imagined meeting my life partner when I was applying to ARU so I will always be grateful to this amazing university. I expected to get a good job once I was done with ARU but I not only got that, I also got a perfect life partner." #Angliaruskin #ARU #angliaruskinuniversity #lifepartner #husbandandwife #weareinternational #internationalstudents #lovestory #aruinlove #lovestory2020 #valentinesday2020 #valentinesday #rome2020 #colosseum #traveltheworldtogether #arutogether #metatuni #couplesinlove