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On 26 September, we're hosting a Virtual Open Day, where you can get a taste for student life at #ARU. To book your place, visit: While you wait, why not take a look around our campuses from the comfort of your own home. Find out how in this video:

“I‘m Maddison, a first year undergraduate studying Primary Education Studies (the Accelerated option) at the Chelmsford campus. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of green areas at ARU and the on site bar and café. I’ll be making the most of the facilities whilst on campus. The campus tour was a great way to meet other students and made me feel at ease before my course starts next week. Although the campus is large, it’s easily navigable and there were plenty of ARU ambassadors around to point me in the right direction. Im really excited to begin my next few years at ARU.” #ARUProud to be welcoming Maddison ( @studentlifexo) and the rest of our new students to ARU over the coming weeks!🎉 #ARUChelmsford #Chelmsford #Essex #AngliaRuskin #AngliaRuskinUniversity #ARU #ARUtogether #WelcomeWeek2020

"I’m looking forward to getting back to campus and continuing my research, once PGR’s are cleared to return. In the meantime I’ll keep working from home, the beautiful Cambridgeshire fens. Not quite as far flung as some of the other amazing #WhereARU posts, but the sunsets are truly stunning!" Thank you to @phdpanicpixie, who took this picture on the edge of Wicken Fen at dusk while walking with family. 📸 #WhereARU? Let us know by using the hashtag! #Cambridge #AngliaRuskin #ARUCambridge #BeautifulSky #ARU #ARUProud #ARUChelmsford #ARUPeterborough #Cambridgeshire

ARU would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our fantastic new students starting this week! In this video, #ARU Graduate, Meg, gives her advice on how to get the most out of #GoingToARU 🎉 #ARUProud

It's Welcome Week- let the games begin! 🎉 Does this photo look familiar? We have posted it before, but this time we've hidden some extra herons in the picture. Some are white, some are blue and some are yellow.. but how many herons are in this photo in total? 🤔 Let us know how many you think are there in the comments. #JustForFun #ARUChelmsford #ARUCambridge #ARUPeterborough #ARU #ARUProud #WelcomeWeek #Freshers2020 #AngliaRuskin #AngliaRuskinUniversity #ARUProud #GoingToARU #SpotTheHeron

"An old photo of what Hardwick Nature Reserve looks like early to mid summer. Woods surrounded by farmland. Located roughly 7 or 8 miles from Cambridge city centre. Other locations to enjoy nature around Cambridge would be the Botanical Gardens located near the cities train station. As well as the popular Granchester Meadows that follow the river, located roughly 3 miles from the city centre." - @flacky.r, first year English Literature student, shared these great photos with us using the hashtag #WhereARU. #AngliaRuskin #ARU #Nature #Bluebells #Woods #ARUCambridge #Cambridge #GoingToARU

Did you know the following facts about Cambridge? ❓🤔 "JK Rowling got the idea for Harry Potter while delayed on a train travelling from Manchester to London King's Cross. Cambridge School of Art graduate Thomas Taylor brought Harry to life in Cambridge as a ‘faint pencil sketch, painted with concentrated watercolour…and then outlined with a black Karisma pencil’ in 1996 whilst drinking a Belgian beer (possibly.) This sketch became the original English cover for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry’s image was set in stone forever. Cambridge might be a buzzing 21st-century city, but its pastoral origins are still evident in the herds of cows grazing on common land. The cattle on Midsummer Common are such a part of Cambridge’s identity that they have their own Twitter account and forthcoming art trail dedicated to them. ARU students can choose from 180 original works of art to keep in their room for a year. Kettle’s Yard is a modern and contemporary art gallery and students at ARU and Cambridge can borrow from their Loan Collection. Over the last decade, approximately 100 works of art – paintings, drawings, and photographs – have been borrowed every year. Shhh… don’t tell everyone. Walk across Parker’s Piece from the city centre and you come across a lamppost on which the words ‘Reality Checkpoint’ are written. Legend has it that it was first written there in the 1970’s by students from Cambridge College of Arts and Technology (now ARU) to mark the point of which you entered the real world. It’s probably the only lamppost in the world with its own Wikipedia entry." These facts are from a blog written by the AHSS team at ARU: to read the full blog, copy and paste the following link into your browser: #GoingToARU #AngliaRuskinUniversity #ARU #Cambridge #Cambridgeshire #ARUCambridge #ARUCreative #FunFacts