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Welcome to our Tuesday Check-in Chat! This is the first one after a break and we're excited to chat to you all again! Today we're talking about what we've been up to and our plans as lockdown eases. ⭐️Remember to use #ARUchat! Q1. In the replies 👇

#ARUChat will be back next week! Our Tuesday Check-in Chat will now run every other week starting 30 June and will begin at 2:30 PM. Join in to stay in touch with different members of our ARU community and support each other during the lockdown.

We usually hold our Tuesday Check-in Chat at 1pm every week. We want to get more people involved, so we're asking you how! How often would you join in with our #ARUChat?

This is usually the time for our weekly #ARUChat! Our chat will now be taking place less often, as things slowly return to '#TheNewNormal' But let’s look at some of the highlights from recent chats... 👇👇

Welcome to our Tuesday Check-in Chat! As usual, it'll run from 1 - 2pm and we'll ask questions in the replies below. Remember to use #ARUchat in your answers! This week we’ll be discussing animals! Get your cute photos at the ready, everyone! Q1 in the replies 👇

Welcome to our Tuesday Check-in Chat! Today we're going to be talking about 'exploring'! 🗺️✈️ We'll ask questions in the replies, comment your answer and get chatting with each other 👯 Remember to use #ARUChat. Q1. below 👇