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"I applied at ARU soon after seeing the list of modules and the wonderful campus location in Chelmsford. As an international student from Finland, I was keen to move to a city or town that wasn’t too big and had a lot of greenery and walking paths. Chelmsford campus, being right next to a little river with the 'bunny paths' that connect the whole city, was perfect for me. I could comfortably be myself in this little city. Nowadays, having completed the first two years of my studies and starting my third and final year, I have learned that regardless of what you decide to study, the University years are amazing personal growth opportunities. My parents were right to encourage me. Regardless of where I choose to work in the future, I have certainly gained experiences and friends for life here at ARU." -Sara, BSc Banking and Finance at ARU. Read Sara's full blog, where she talks about how and why she chose her degree subject: #ARUProud #ARUChelmsford #BankingAndFinance #GoingToARU

Meet Mikey, a valued member of the ARU Social Media team, who has been working from home with Social Media Officer, Jaymie. You may have seen him already in our University TikTok account (AngliaRuskinUni)! You can find more of him over there 🐱 To add to the #FridayFeeling today, share your best pet photos with us using the #ARUAnimals! We’d love to see them 💛💙 #ARUAnimals #officepets #AngliaRuskin #ARUChelmsford #ARUCambridge #ARUPeterborough #ARUStaff #CatsOfInstagram #ARUProud #GoingToARU #TikTok

"Forensic Anthropology seemed very daunting at the start but we’re now three weeks in and I CAN DO IT!! The physical face to face practicals of looking at the bones, rearranging them and talking about them is really engaging and helping my understanding of the course. I’m so pleased that we have been allocated and allowed four hours of face to face lectures to allow education like this to suffice. Covid, you won’t beat us!!! We’re finding new learning techniques everyday and we will come out on top!🤍" -Jade, Crime Scene Investigation student (csi_student) #ARUProud #ARUChelmsford #ARUCambridge #ARUPeterborough #CSI #UniversityLife #AngliaRuskin #ARU #ForensicAnthropology

“One of my favourite parts about living somewhere new is having the chance to make it my own. Decorating and putting things around to make my space feel personal really helps to keep me feeling both motivated as well as comfortable during COVID-19" Ciera, our third year Media student shares her new working space. How are you guys decorating your rooms or study space? Tell us in the comments, or upload a photo (use the #GoingToARU so that we can see them)! PS... Can anyone name the Pokemon sitting on Ciera’s desk? 🤔 #GoingToARU #Freshers2020 #AngliaRuskin #ARUProud #ARU #UniHalls #Pokemon #UniRoom #ARUChelmsford #ARUCambridge #ARUPeterborough