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Today we've been sharing acts of kindness on our Twitter Check-in Chat, and heard from Nikki (from ARU Employability Team) about her colleague Suneet. At the weekend he encountered a women who didn't have enough for her takeaway and he paid the difference. Have you ever experienced/ done something similar? Share your acts of kindness with us as part of Mental Health Awareness Week! (This was part of our weekly Check-in chat via Twitter, where staff and students can chat with us about a weekly topic! This chat is open to anybody, staff or student, and takes place at 1pm on Tuesdays) #mentalhealthawarenessweek #ARUProud #ARUChat #checkinchat #Twitter #POTD #Payitforward #bekind #angliaruskin #angliaruskinuniversity #Chelmsfordcathedral

To all those who're out and about working - the NHS staff, security guards, policemen, supermarket staff, small businesses, carers, researchers... everyone who is keeping the nation going - THANK YOU! 🙏 Also, please remember to #BeKind to others - we're all doing our best. ❤️