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Introducing Nick Jeeves who teaches Graphic Design at ARU and produces books as editor for the Ruskin Arts Publications and The Public Domain Review. Nick also publishes small editions of original writing and revived historical texts through his own imprint Mulita Small Editions. ‘I would say that books obsessed me from a very young age. I was attracted to how they looked and felt, as much as how they read. And I liked that they could simultaneously comfort and challenge you. At some point I would have found out that books were put together by graphic designers, and from then on, that’s what I wanted to do. But realising that was by no means a linear process. I was distracted by any number of ideas along the way, and that’s still the case today. I could quite honestly say that my work is inspired as much by musicians like Charles Mingus or The Grateful Dead, or by writers like Clive James or Fred Vargas, as it is by designers like Corita Kent or Barney Bubbles. Inspiration comes from how you connect your various enthusiasms. But if I had to pick one key artefact from the distant past, it would be my Penguin copy of Evelyn Waugh’s ’Decline and Fall’. I read it at 14 and fell for it completely. It was my introduction to so many important things: how it read (a beautifully clear prose style, funny, a bit transgressive); and how it looked (immaculate typesetting, perfectly formatted, a striking cover design). It’s a book that raised me up.’ Do you want to study Graphic Design? Join us through #Clearing #GraphicDesign #GoingToARU #AngliaRuskin #ARU #ARUCambridge #Cambridge

Today Anglia Ruskin University is celebrating new graduates. Graduation is one of the biggest days in a student's life. We are still living in challenging and extraordinary times, which has made studying hard. Students have not been able to enjoy the full student lifestyle, which makes university years memorable. Still, students and the university have been creative to make student life as comfortable as possible. However, new graduates are not leaving university life behind. Instead, their journey with the university has just begun because every single graduate is a member of Anglia Ruskin University's big alumni family. Welcome onboard. Congratulations to all graduates. Remember to enjoy your big day and celebrate as hard as you can. You really deserve it. #angliaruskin #angliaruskinuniversity #cityoflondon #cambridge #chelmsford #peterborough #university #britain #england #arugrad #london #essex #cambridgeshire #cambridgestudent