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Amazing facial expressions from one of my favourite projects ever, The Flat Pack Challenge! Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make this a reality, not only that, but making the project part of their final year assessment so that I can be showcased in the Unfold Cambridge School of Art Degree Show! . #CSAdegreeshow2019 #ARUproud #fun #acting #tv #challenge #furniture #art #hardwork #actor #actorlife #team angliaruskin cambridge_creative_industries cambridge_school_of_art

Being fortunate enough to be part of the Student Ambassadors team for the past few years offered me the opportunity to showcase my passion and love for Anglia Ruskin University and to meet thousands of extraordinary people whilst doing so. This evening, my passion and dedication have been rewarded at the inaugural 'Student Ambassador Awards' by winning the vote of my fellow Cambridge ambassadors as the 'Ambassadors Ambassador' and the 'Outstanding Contribution to Ambassador Work' handed not only by a group of people that are my bosses, but by a team of people that have truly been examples and leaders to and for me! . Thank you for all of the fantastic experiences and opportunities, such as traveling around the UK for work, I hope I wasn't too bad! . #winner #work #hardwork #hardworkpaysoff #awards #ambassador #fun

Watch: Our Dementia Choir: Tonight on BBC1 at 8pm!⠀ Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research are featured in the 2-part documentary following the stories of choir members living with dementia - including 31 year old Dan, who was diagnosed with a rare form of genetic Alzheimer’s. Dan visited the Jerome Booth Music Therapy Centre last summer as part of Professor Jörg Fachner and Dr Clemens Maidhof’s research into therapist-client brain interaction during music therapy. ⠀ ⠀ #music #love #choir #instahealth #vickymcclure #photooftheday #instalife #healthandwellbeing #dementiachoir #newmusic #aru #life #fun #CambridgeSchoolofCreativeIndustries #angliaruskin #cambridge #arumusic #cbgtown #university #myeastofengland #wearecambridgeshire #documentary #dementia #therapy

Last week I had the honour of achieving my 3 year long dream by winning the 'Male Sports Person of the Year' at Anglia Ruskin University'` and Team ARU's Sports Awards! More than that, I've had the pleasure of holding a speech at the beginning of the evening, alongside my dear friend, coach and support, Morgan Little, as Challenge Cup captains. It was all topped up by the fact that the award was handed to me by the person that inspired me to put in all of the hard work that I have over the past 3 years, Dr. Apurba Kundu. It was him who thaught me back in my first day at Anglia Ruskin that "Involvement and attendance equal success, showing up 100% of the time will make you achieve success 100%". I would also want to thank my amazing club and team that have supported me throughout the past 3 years and have helped me become who I am today. Thank everyone at Team ARU who believed in me, from the people in the office, to the ones in the gym, coaches and physios, to everyone that I've meet at Anglia Ruskin University. This one is all for you and because of all of the hope and hard work you have put into me. . . About the future? Well, all I know is that: THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! #ARUSportsAwards #ARUproud #fun #sports #hardwork #best #reclaim #success