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First day of my Masters in film and TV Production. To say that I have been anxious has been an understatement. I have hardly slept all week but I shouldn't have worried. The people were lovely, I made friends, and when I had to say an interesting fact about myself I clammed up and just went for old faithful. "I was named after my dad's favourite beer." 😂. The first day was a great success. #arustudent #goingtoaru

“I never imagined myself as the type of person who would go to university; I was bullied at school so lacked confidence, and the idea of being away from home was terrifying. I decided to try it anyway, and I’m sure my mum will remember when we first arrived, in a panicked state, I said I’d changed my mind and wanted to go home! I’m glad I stayed as it completely changed my life. I still use the skills and knowledge I gained from university in my personal and professional life today. Not only did university support me in achieving academically, but through becoming a student rep, it helped me to build my communication skills and confidence. As a result of this new-found confidence, I decided to travel. I completed a tour of Europe initially (including Iceland, Norway, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many more) and after gaining travel experience, I toured Japan by myself. People often ask me the most memorable part of travelling and I have to say it was in Japan when they quite literally let me 'pick up a penguin'. I don’t think that shy girl would recognise me now. I’m a completely different person. I’d like to say a massive thank you to ARU for changing my life!” -Billie, BSc (Hons) Criminology and Psychology Happy Welcome Week to all of our new students, we hope that Billie’s story shows: your journey has only just begun! Take every opportunity coming your way, and we wish you every success for the years to come🎉✨ #AngliaRuskin #ARUProud #GoingToARU