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Being fortunate enough to be part of the Student Ambassadors team for the past few years offered me the opportunity to showcase my passion and love for Anglia Ruskin University and to meet thousands of extraordinary people whilst doing so. This evening, my passion and dedication have been rewarded at the inaugural 'Student Ambassador Awards' by winning the vote of my fellow Cambridge ambassadors as the 'Ambassadors Ambassador' and the 'Outstanding Contribution to Ambassador Work' handed not only by a group of people that are my bosses, but by a team of people that have truly been examples and leaders to and for me! . Thank you for all of the fantastic experiences and opportunities, such as traveling around the UK for work, I hope I wasn't too bad! . #winner #work #hardwork #hardworkpaysoff #awards #ambassador #fun

#andstill your champions! We've had an amazing journey and we are just starting! With our eyes set on a back to back double indoors and with BUCS beach in sight with potentially our best duo ever formed of enricopicone and ricardojfmorgado the men's volleyball team is hoping to have the best run in our team's history. To top it up, our women's team has been on an undefeated journey this season, with them also winning the final yesterday and looking forward to securing the league this weekend, our women's players are also fighting for a Super League promotion in the National League with a great season so far that finds them on the 2nd place currently. As I said, WE ARE JUST STARTING! #hardworkpaysoff #ARUproud cambridgevc1 angliaruskin volleyballengland #volleyball team_aru . . . #redesign #rebuild #reclaim