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#ARUInLove: Georgina and Dan "Dan and I met at ARU Chelmsford back in 2011. Dan was in his final year of uni and after deferring for a year, I was in my first. We met towards the end of the uni year after a night out at the Students' Union @angliaruskin_su. He asked for my number that night and well, I thought I’d make him work for it by putting it into the notes section on his phone - if he wanted to chat to me again he’d have to find it! (Spoiler: he had to ask for help to find it!) Our first date was at Café Rouge and I must have been smitten (puke) as I ended up forgetting the time and missing a lecture. It doesn’t sound much but I’m not the sort of person to miss a lecture! Due to being in different years, Dan left uni not long after that so our relationship went long distance. Dan is from Norfolk whereas I grew up in Essex. We spent the next 8 years travelling in-between Norfolk and Essex. Whilst I continued on at uni, Dan went home and found work. When my uni life ended, I went back home to Essex and found work. It was hard but worthwhile, we both had jobs we loved and compromised commuting between the two both during the week and at weekends. It was only in 2018 that I made the move to Norfolk, then a month later Dan proposed. We planned our wedding for August 2020 and during all the ups and downs of the pandemic, we really didn’t think it would be a reality. We decided to re-arrange and then once that happened, we thought 'no - let’s do it if we can'. It was only a week before the date that we officially found out from the government that we could get married with 30 people in attendance, including the vicar, photographer and videographer." Thank you @gcoxyyy for sharing your wonderful story and congratulations on your wedding! 💍 ❤ #ARUProud #AngliaRuskinUniversity #MetAtUni #MetAtUniversity #LoveIsInTheAir #Chelmsford #Cambridge #ARUChelmsford #ARULondon #ARUCambridge #ARUPeterborough #ARUAlumni #coupleshot #lovewords #bettertogether #couplesphotos #husbandwife #lovefeelslikehome #lockdownwedding #MarriedIn2020#Essex #EssexWedding

#ARUInLove: Bruce and Sue "My name is Bruce; I completed a Geography and Geology BSc (Hons) at the old CCAT 1986 - 1989. I met and married Sue and we successfully completed the same degree course! We met at our interviews for CCAT in the summer of 1986. Sue and I married in August 25 1991. Two children later we celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary this year." #ARUProud #AngliaRuskinUniversity #AngliaRuskin #MetAtUni #MetAtUniversity #LoveIsInTheAir #Chelmsford #Cambridge #ARUChelmsford #ARULondon #ARUCambridge #ARUPeterborough #ARUAlumni #coupleshot #lovewords #bettertogether #fridayfreefunn #familyphotos #couplesphotos #husbandwife #lovefeelslikehome #familylove #30WeddingAnniversary

#ARUInLove: Jo and Simon "So, our story... We both started at APU in the year 2000 (back when ARU used to be Anglia Polytechnic University). Simon had just done a Gap Year and was starting a three-year degree in Audio Visual Technology. I moved to APU after attending Homerton College to train as a teacher, but I stopped my course after two years. I decided I didn't want to teach! I began a 3 year degree in Health, Welfare and Social Policy. We met on the first Sunday of the moving in weekend. The Christian Union offered to take new students to a local church. That's where we met and apparently he liked the look of me so went to the same Church as me :) Over our three years we ended up really involved with the Christian Union and had lots of friends in it that we are still in touch with now. We got engaged in the July of our first year of APU, we then got married in our last semester of the 3rd year - March 2003. Which was a bit crazy with dissertations and final assessments due to be handed in. Our wedding was a proper budget one that only cost about £3k. It was at City Church, Cambridge and all our student friends played the main roles such as photographer, DJ, laying tables etc. Our honeymoon was in Dublin and was only for 4 days. We moved to Surrey after we married and have been here ever since. This year, we will have been married for 18 years. We were foster carers for a few years looking after teenagers. Simon now works in post-production in the TV and Film industry. I have worked in charities and schools. We have two boys aged 6 and 10." Such a wonderful story - thank you for sharing! 💕🥰 #ARUProud #AngliaRuskinUniversity #MetAtUni #MetAtUniversity #LoveIsInTheAir #Chelmsford #Cambridge #ARUChelmsford #ARULondon #ARUCambridge #ARUPeterborough #ARUAlumni

#ARUInLove: Ciéra and Lorenzo "I remember seeing him on the day of our first class. I was sitting on the left hand side of the room when I saw him walk through the door on the right. Immediately, I noted that he was very cute. So, in turn, I knew that I couldn’t talk to Lorenzo. I realised that we had almost every class together, which made me smile. I would look over when I thought that he couldn’t see me and when I got caught I would look away as quickly as possible. He sounded smart and I could tell that he cared a lot about his studies. In January we started Desktop Publishing class together. I took an empty seat, which ended up being somewhat nearby. Once everyone had settled and we were asked to boot up our computers to work, I encountered the fact that mine wasn’t working. I tried for a while to fix it before moving over a seat, next to Lorenzo. I had to internally count down from three before saying “Hi” to him, and after I did I over thought it immensely. I didn’t expect to be in that situation, next to him, but I didn’t want to come across as rude by moving further away. It was from there on that we began talking. I thought that he was just being polite when he smiled at me and would walk with me out of classes. The fact that someone so nice could see me as anything more literally didn’t cross my mind as a possibility. We met up outside of class one evening. He arrived early and came to mine for hot chocolate and a chat. We were supposed to go to a festival together however, upon its COVID-19 cancellation, we ended up hanging out instead until past midnight. It wasn’t until we said goodbye and he asked me on a date that it ever occurred to me that he might like me. I was shocked and couldn’t comprehend it. It’s now been over 8 months and I’ve never been more grateful. Through technology despising me, I managed to find my silly best friend and partner who buys me fries all in one person. Our future excites me and I can’t wait to grow and learn about the world with him by my side." Thank you @cieracree for sharing your lovely story! 💕🥰 #ARUProud #AngliaRuskinUniversity #MetAtUni #MetAtUniversity #LoveIsInTheAir #ARUCambridge

#ARUInLove: Imogen and Rob "I met Rob in 2014. We had a long-distance relationship for two years before it was time for him to decide universities. I'm local to Chelmsford, so did everything in my power to convince him to move in with me and study in Essex! He started his BSc Computer Networks at ARU in 2016, and it changed our world! I joined ARU for my undergrad (BSc Medical Science) in 2018, and we have both thrived there, making tons of friends and gaining valuable skills. The university did bring us closer, physically and emotionally. I was so proud of him, and Anglia Ruskin, at his graduation in 2019 and I can't wait for him to be at mine this year!" Thank you @immiredlay for sharing your lovely story! 💕🥰 #ARUProud #AngliaRuskinUniversity #MetAtUni #MetAtUniversity #LoveIsInTheAir #Chelmsford #Cambridge #ARUChelmsford #ARULondon #ARUCambridge #ARUPeterborough #ARUAlumni

To finish off our #ARUinLove stories we're bringing you our wonderful Alumni Officer Kim's story of how she met her husband Evan. "Evan and I met after a chance meeting on ARU’s Chelmsford campus back at the beginning of 2017, when he was in the middle of his PhD and I was working in The MedBIC at the time. We clicked straight away and began to spend more and more time together, FaceTiming almost every night of our relationship. After meeting each other’s families, them meeting each other (slightly trickier when one family lives almost 3000 miles away!) and me proofreading his PhD a few Christmases ago, Evan proposed in January last year. We got married in November, moved in together, Evan submitted his PhD with final corrections and we flew to Nigeria for his brother’s wedding all within a month, making 2019 an incredible year. I’m incredibly grateful for his support, not only for me, but of my whole family through a difficult time a few years ago. He’s not just my husband, he’s my best friend, and I wouldn’t have it any other way." #valentinesday2020 #valentinesday #metatuni #couplegoals #angliaruskin #aruproud #arualumni #angliaruskinuniversity #lovestories #cambridge #chelmsford #aruchelmsford

Faye tells us how she met her husband of 25 years through ARU! This is Faye and Gary's story. "I secured a place doing music degree at Cambridge College of Arts and Technology (the forerunner to ARU) in 1989. When not studying, I worked in The Anchor on Silver Street which was where I met my husband, Gary. He had just moved up from London and worked around the corner from the pub. It was the start of my final year and my friend and I had signed up to a fresher’s week, 3-legged pub crawl. We invited Gary and his friend to join us. Not being students, they didn’t quite grasp the concept so leisurely had a pint in every pub – they were a little worse for wear when they eventually got back to The Tram Depot. But it can’t have gone that badly because we celebrated 25 years of marriage in 2019 and have stayed in Cambridge all this time. Gary set up, run and sold a business. I worked globally for blue chip companies and start-ups, and then set up my own Communications and PR company in Cambridge back in which is going from strength to strength. Other than a degree, you never know what path being at ARU will take you on – we live, work and play here and I have fond memories every time I drive past the campus on East Road (which is very often!). As a businesswoman it’s also important to me to continue to support the ARU community – I currently have a part-time employee from ARU and we also take on work experience people from ARU too." #valentinesday2020 #valentinesday #metatuni #couplegoals #angliaruskin #aruproud #arualumni #angliaruskinuniversity #lovestories #cambridge #chelmsford #arucambridge

We're continuing with our #ARUinLove stories this weekend... because love is still in the air! This is Ashley and Lewis's story. "Lewis and I met at ARU in 2012. We both spent the first two years of our Business Management degree course at Seevic college (now USP) through the University’s partner college scheme. There were six of us in our seminar classes and we all became really close. Lewis and I became best friends and we had all the same lectures together. We lived about ten minutes away from each other and spent many late nights/early mornings in the library spurring each other on to complete (last minute) assignments. After three years our course was finished and we watched each other graduate before it was time to enter the big world! Two years after leaving ARU, we moved in together and Lewis asked me to marry him in Disneyland with Minnie Mouse by our side. Fast forward another two years and we were getting married with two of our original class there, one as best man and one as an usher! Degrees aren’t the easiest to get through but we survived it, made so many memories and I gained a husband and some life long friends." #valentinesday2020 #valentinesday #metatuni #couplegoals #angliaruskin #aruproud #arualumni #angliaruskinuniversity #lovestories #cambridge #chelmsford #arucambridge

''We met in Morgan's third week of her Master's program, no where else but in the ever cute Helmore Gym of ARU's Cambridge Campus" Vlad @vladcatusanuwxn and Morgan's #ARUinLove story! "We were there training with our volleyball club, but I was injured, that's why I was separated from the group, but I had heard about this new player that was supposed to be the best athlete we ever had! So from the get-go, due to my competitive spirit and ego, I saw Morgan as someone to challenge that I can prove I was the better athlete, haha. Because of my attitude we actually didn't get to properly introduce each other and talk for another two weeks when Morgan was somehow forced into this Sports Clubs meeting that I was attending. That was the first time we got to chat and it was a good time for me to find out her workout plans and fitness test results so I could get myself to outwork her in the gym. Again, silly me, I was so unaware of the fact that she liked me. As weeks went by, we were sometimes bumping into one another at practices or games when Morgan was trying to be just a good friend and get to know me, but I was really going to a very busy period of my life in which I was very dismissive to everything and everyone that wasn't strictly related to academia, sports or my career. We would meet at the gym to work out, but instead we would end up just laying on the mattresses and talking for a couple of hours until we had to go to our lectures. And this happened two to three times a week for almost two months, deep down inside I admit that I had days when I was just going there hoping to see her so we could talk." Read Vlad's full story by going to our blog: #valentinesday2020 #valentinesday #metatuni #couplegoals #angliaruskin #aruproud #arualumni #angliaruskinuniversity #lovestories #cambridge #chelmsford #bulgaria #arucambridge

"I wouldn’t have it any other way as our love - it just transcends time - it’s an instinctive feeling for both of us that we just love each other and want each other." SO CUTE! #ARUInLove Nathen and Laura's story: "I transferred to ARU in my third year, which was terrifying, coming into a space in which these students have built their friendships over two/three years, "I’ll 100% be the outcast", I thought. However, one day I met Laura; she took me under her wing and slowly but surely I convinced her to take me into her heart. We fell in love so fast neither of us can believe it’s been over a year since we first met and I wouldn’t have it any other way as our love - it just transcends time - it’s an instinctive feeling for both of us that we just love each other and want each other. Laura and I are currently looking for a place to live together and we also both work in schools. She works in a primary school as a 1:1 SEN learning support assistant and I do the same but in a secondary school. Please our share our stories! Tag @angliaruskin on Twitter and Instagram and #ARUinLove!" #valentinesday2020 #valentinesday #metatuni #couplegoals #angliaruskin #aruproud #arualumni #angliaruskinuniversity #lovestories #cambridge #chelmsford #bulgaria #arucambridge