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Posted withrepost • karenliane96 "Who In The World Am I?" This image was created as part of my Final Major Project series focusing on self discovery and identity. Over the past two semesters I have been investigating what makes up our concept of 'identity' and what information can cause a change in how we choose to identify ourselves. Using only analogue techniques I aimed to take the time to reflect on my work at every point in the process until I ended up with a self portrait series that I felt was a true reflection of myself and my ideas. This piece was a last minute addition to my project series. It was inspired by the way fairy tales and story books have an influence on the way in which people view the world. Books allow you to live through hundreds of different lives and gives you the chance to experience the world through someone else's eyes. Humans feel connected to characters they can relate to, or similar situations and circumstances in which they find themselves, and a person's favourite books can tell you a lot about who they are. One of my all time favourite books (a quote of which I decided to title this piece) is Alice In Wonderland. Throughout the book Alice is asked who she is, and she herself questions her identity - much like I and most other people do when growing up. The book also incorporates strong themes of growing up and losing childish curiosity which is a part of life almost everyone goes through. Sadly, the main genre of stories read to very young children is the tradition fairytale, in which a beautiful young women is saved by a strong, handsome, brave prince. It wasn't until I was in my teens that I saw what was wrong with this being brainwashed into young children. It reinforces the stereotype that women are weak and vulnerable (we are not), and that men have to be strong otherwise they are not real mean (LIESS). A goal of mine is to read/listen to more books, just like I did when I was younger, but now I am going to be more aware of the books I choose to open myself up to. . . . #photography #photographystudent #portraitphotography #analogue #mediumformat #analoguefeatures #femalegaze #girlgaze #feminism #equality #selfportra