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🌻Reasons to spend time in the garden, or perhaps grow indoor plants if you can't access a garden🌻 New research has found that allotment gardening promotes positive body image, which measures someone’s appreciation of their own body and its functions, and an acceptance of bodily imperfections. The study, published in the journal Ecopsychology and led by Professor Viren Swami of Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), involved 84 gardeners from 12 urban allotment sites in north London. The study also discovered that the longer period of time the participants spent gardening, the larger the improvement in positive body image when they left their allotment. Previous research has shown that gardening is associated with improved psychological wellbeing and physical health. This new study adds to previous work by Professor Swami demonstrating that exposure to natural environments helps to promote positive body image. 🌺Have a great week, everyone🌺 #ARUTogether #gardenersofinstagram #bodypositivity #ARU #Stayathome #grow #spreadthejoy #research #mondaymotivation

One of our first year Medicine students, Faye, shares her tips on staying motivated: 1. Stick to your normal routine as much as possible 👍 I don’t blame anyone for wanting a few extra hours in bed, but get up, shower, have breakfast and create a sense of normality amongst the chaos. 2. Make a to-do list every day 👍 Nothing beats the sense of accomplishment you get from checking off tasks on a to-do list once you complete them. it will also make you feel productive (even if you are still in your pyjamas). 3. Maintain engagement with your course 👍 Not having regular face-to-face contact with tutors can make it difficult to stay on track. However, we can use technology to stay up to date with what our tutors expect from us each week. I like to always keep the Canvas tab open on my laptop as well as ensuring I regularly check my emails for any updates. 4. Set up an appropriate work space 👍 This should be somewhere you can sit comfortably, not be disturbed and have enough space. I would also advise you to make this space a distinct area dedicated for work, eg not your bed. This is because the merging of purposes can make it hard for your brain to distinguish between tasks. 5. Move around 👍 Try to get in some bursts of movement throughout your day (ideally during regular breaks from study). Walk up and down your stairs a couple of times, do a few jumping jacks or just stretch out your arms. #ARUTogether #motivation #ARU #Spreadthejoy #ARUHeroes #stayathome #workingfromhome #potd #studentlife #AngliaRuskin #medicinestudents #studentadvice