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“Dankjewel” means thank you in Dutch. I made this postcard with molotowheadquarters for the girl that did the voice-over of a promovideo I made in 2019. It was the biggest project that crossed my path last year, and I am very thankful for that. I worked almost two months more than fulltime to finish this video and it gave me a lot of positive energy for my work. I didn’t share the promovideo on Instagram, as I like to do illustration and animation the most! But I also studied Film and TV productions at the angliaruskin for one semester during my course, so making a short film is definitely something I like and do as well! I hope that I can work on a short animation (about durability) or bigger illustration project (a big mural or window drawing for a hospital or a green organization) for clients in 2020 💪🏽✨🎈 • • • #dankjewel #thankyou #happynewyear #2020 #illustration #happyillustrator #dutchillustration #dutchillustrator #plants #illustrationproject #thenetherlands #durability #newgoals #molotow #illustrator #animation #molotowmarkers #illustratorsoninstagram #nijmegen

Thank you everyone yet again for all the love and support. I’m so honored to have received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2019 from qabritishcouncil - it means so much to me. #thankyou everyone and thank you angliaruskin - the professors and staff always made me feel like I mattered. #qatar #MrQ