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"YES! 30 July is World Friendship Day. This day has to be celebrated, as friends are essential components of our everyday life - including student life. In this respect, my friends have an important role in my life. They are the ones who support and encourage me and will not hesitate to give me a hand in case of difficulty. My friends are also the best people ever to join for a holiday, an adventurous trip or simply to enjoy a night out. However, starting University may feel a little scary for some of you, as you may have to leave home and your friends to move to a completely new place. This is exactly what happened to me. My worst fear was not to be able to make new friends. However, after one year and a half, I can say that my university experience would not have been the same without the people I have met, who are now really good friends of mine. I strongly encourage you all to put your shyness aside and socialise as much as possible from the very beginning. If you are wondering how you can make friends easily, my tips are just the ticket." - ARU Student Alessia shares her tips on making friends at University. Copy and paste the following link into a browser to read the full article and tips on making friends t university: #ARUProud #WorldFriendshipDay2020 #InternationalfriendshipDay #Bff #AngliaRuskin #ARU #ARUChelmsford #ARUCambridge #POTD #Positivity #ThrowbackThursday

Friends made at university are often friends for life 🎓 "On a cold and rainy day in November, I flew to Cambridge and I was welcomed to ARU by the lovely Emma! She was already a student and she gave me an honest insight in what studying at ARU looked like. I was so impressed and we seemed to get on very well. My anxieties were quashed. I enrolled in the Business with HR course and, during my Freshers' Week in January 2018, I was given Emma as my Student Buddy. I cannot imagine my university experience without Emma, and thinking that she is now graduating makes me feel proud of her achievements and resilience – but also sad. It means I must say goodbye to my usual afternoon espresso with Emma drinking her raspberry lemonade during our study breaks in Costa at university". - Alessia, ( @ale_mevoli ) BSc (Hons) Business with Human Resource Management #unilife #ARUProud #ARUTogether #GoingtoARU #ARU #AngliaRuskin #POTD #studentmemories #throwbackthursday

Tonight would've been our 2020 #ARUAlumniAwards which have unfortunately been postponed due to the current situation. While we wait in anticipation for the new awards date to be released, let's look back at some of the highlights from our 2018 Awards! #ThrowBackThursday